Investment Objective

The Company’s investment objective is to provide Shareholders with long term capital appreciation through the investment of its capital in Zimbabwe, countries surrounding Zimbabwe, as well as the remainder of Sub-Saharan Africa, with a bias towards Southern and Eastern Africa.

Cambria does not have a particular sectoral focus.  Its key objective is own companies that are well-positioned to benefit from Zimbabwe’s economic growth and from formalization and modernization of Zimbabwe’s economy.  Moreover, Cambria seeks investments that have current sector leadership in Zimbabwe or, in Cambria’s view; will be able to achieve this.

Cambria generally seeks to exercise management control as it prefers to become actively involved in the companies it acquires.  For example, assisting in setting focused strategic objectives, building “first class” management teams, creating globally focused companies and efficiently deploying the necessary funds to build on, or achieve leading market positions and thereby the associated higher margins. 

Cambria has the long term perspective of a ‘going concern’ and seeks value enhancing efficiencies throughout the Company and its ownership structures.  Even though within Cambria investments are referred to as ‘subsidiaries’ and Cambria seeks synergies between its subsidiaries, Cambria has the discipline to enter and exit investments when appropriate for maximizing shareholder returns.

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