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Shareholder Analysis

The rights of shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders of a company incorporated according to the laws of England & Wales. There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company's AIM listed securities. The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

Significant Shareholders

Substantial Shareholdings Number of Shares % of Issued Capital
Encyclia Logistics Limited* 377,000,000 69.2%
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Ltd 22,683,210 4.2%
Rock Nominees Ltd 16,695,200 3.1%
Luna Nominees Ltd 15,533,020 2.9%

* Encyclia Logistics Limited is beneficially owned by Mr. Samir Shasha, CEO of Cambria Africa Plc.

Free Float

Shareholder Type Number of Shares Percentage
Number of Cambria shares in issue 544,575,605 100.0%
Shareholders above 10% (Encyclia Logistics Limited) 377,000,000 69.2%
Shares held by non-executive directors 4,500,000 0.8%
Total Free Float (Total shares in issue less shares not in public hands) 163,075,605 30.0%

Updated 11 March 2024


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